Guests with dinner must check in by 6pm.

Yes, smoking is not allowed in the building.
Please smoke in the smoking area outside the entrance.

Yes, you can use it free of charge throughout the hotel (including guest rooms).

Yes, you can stay with children.

Yes, you are free to bring your own.

Yes, we have a free parking lot.
If you are coming by car, please let us know when you check in.

Yes, we can keep your luggage free of charge after you check out.

Yes, it’s available 24 hours a day.
You can also enter for free after checkout.

Yes, we offer daytime bathing on weekends and holidays.
The fee is 500 yen.

Yes, you may only use the BBQ without an overnight stay.
Please make a reservation in advance.

Yes, we are in the mountains so there are plenty of bugs (stink bugs, mosquitoes, moths, beetles, etc.).
Please bring bug spray in the summer months.

Yes, we offer a free shuttle service from Sena to Kerrie Sanso. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance.

Yes, we have two pet friendly rooms available.