Kerrie Sanso, beloved by many as a mountain lodge where you can eat French food.

Kerrie Sanso was founded in 1978.

It was opened by Mitsuhiko Mitsutani and his wife, Sakae, in 1978.

Despite its secluded location just an hour’s drive from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, the inn has been very popular with mountain climbers in summer and skiers in winter for its modern interior and authentic French cuisine.

The signature dish is the tomato-based bouillabaisse with plenty of Japan Sea seafood simmered in it.

This was a superb dish, and the guests were especially pleased with it in the cold winter.

Many tourists loved Kerrie Sanso and it had been in business for more than 40 years, but one day in 2017, the clock stopped ticking.

The landlady, Sakae, fell ill and was forced to close the business.
And the next year, Sakae passed away.

However, before her death, Sakae strongly hoped that Kerrie Sanso would become a lively place where many guests would gather again.

The family wished to continue the owner’s legacy, and on July 31, 2020, Kerrie Sanso reopened with a new manager, Adachi.

I’m Yasuo Adachi, the new manager.

I am Yasuo Adachi, the manager of Kerrie Sanso.

Although the word “manager” may sound good, it might be more accurate to say that I am a jack-of-all-trades in the name of a manager. From now on, I’m going to work with the assistant manager, Kotaro, to revive Kerrie Sanso.

The story of how we got to this point is almost all described in the description of the crowdfunding campaign (to be described later), but it is also true that it was not an easy road.

A lot of people got involved, and the fact that I was the last one piece to be fitted in, set this story in motion in leaps and bounds. When I write that, at first glance, it looks as if things were going smoothly, but it was not without its problems.

From my mid-twenties, while helping my family run a small textile wholesale business, I would go out to the river or mountains on my days off. Speaking of rivers, the Tedori River system and the Mt.Hakusan… these were the main areas of outdoor recreation.

At the same time, it was around this time that I began to enjoy hot springs, which I had little interest in until I graduated from university.

The mountains, rivers and hot springs at the foot of Mt.Hakusan. The accumulation of all the fun I had in those days is now connected to each other and converges in a place called “Ichirino Onsen”, which is a strange coincidence, but I have a strange feeling of connection.

The guesthouse I had been running until this May in Yuwaku onsen in Kanazawa was closed, and I would move to this place, but the Covid19 epidemic that is still sweeping Japan, and indeed the world, shows no sign of its end.

I decided to close my guesthouse because of the uncertainty about the future of the business and the depletion of funds due to the lack of an end to the corona epidemic.

I think the word “with corona” may be misleading, but my personal feeling is that it is “against corona”.

There is still no way to eradicate the corona virus, but a vaccine is being developed sooner or later, and I feel that the style of travel, including post-corona travel, is going to change dramatically in the future.

This is a major change that the travel industry has never experienced before.

I’m not saying that the so-called major tourist destinations will disappear, but it’s easy to imagine that people traveling and working in the future will be aiming for places rich in nature and remote but comfortable places.

In that context, I feel that Ichirino Onsen ski resort, which once prospered greatly as a ski resort in winter, and the long course “Kaga-Zenjodo” of the nature-rich Hakusan mountaineering, also have hidden potential and potential to be in the spotlight again.

Not only skiing and snowboarding, but also trekking, mountain hiking, snowshoe hiking, mountain stream fishing, river hiking, and a variety of food options.

The new mission of the new Kerrie Sanso is to provide a new and old way to enjoy travel to the foot of the Hakusan mountains, starting from the Hakusan Ichirino Onsen hot spring, and to provide all travelers, including those on bicycles and motorcycles, with a new way to enjoy travel.

As the new manager of the newly reborn Kerrie Sanso, I am more than happy to help you enjoy your trip.

See you at the new Kerrie Sanso, Hakusan Ichirino Onsen.

About our crowdfunding

Prior to the opening, we held a crowdfunding campaign for a month.

Thanks to your support, we were able to raise 2,421,463 yen, far exceeding our goal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your support.